Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Bristow Projects maintains a high standard of integrity in its Quality Control/Quality Assurance program. It includes manuals, exhibits, forms, procedures and accompanying training for the designated company representatives. It is designed to meet all client and government requirements in Western Canada.

Quality control manuals are registered and accepted by the provincial authorities of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. They are the “legal documents” which act as a license to construct pressure piping to ASME B31.3 and CSA B51 codes for projects (in whole or in part) under the jurisdiction of the provincial authorities of these provinces. The QC manual is applicable to both “Pipeline” and “Facility” construction, ensuring a superior finished product. The manual outlines the procedures to be used by BPI to construct, repair or alter pressure piping and oil and gas transmission pipelines in the Western Canada.
Completed Quality Control documents will be supplied to our clients in a digital format.

The QA/QC program will provide clients with an idea of Bristow’s capabilities and understanding of the industry. All construction is performed in accordance with the current applicable codes and standards, including: ASME B31.3, CSA B51, CSA Z662, and CWB Structural Steel Fabrication Certification.

BPI’s Quality Control Manual is certified with the following provincial bodies:

  • Alberta: AQP-21432
  • British Columbia: License No: LBP0046610
  • Saskatchewan: QCP-0191-0002
  • Manitoba: M.B. 12-82