Subcontractor Pre-Qualifier

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and Documentation Request

Please be advised that Bristow Projects Inc management has been mandated by our clients that all Subcontractors become pre-qualified to a certain standard.

As such, the attached Pre-Qualification Questionnaire must be completed and returned to our office along with the requested documentation for review. Until this package is received and reviewed your company will not access contract opportunities with Bristow Projects Inc.

You can download the entire Pre-Qualification Questionnaire here.

As part of the pre-qualification process, we require you to provide us with a copy of the general documentation outlined below and a complete copy of the questionnaire.

Documentation Requested

  1. A copy of your current Safety Program Manual (or a copy of its table of contents and your company’s Safety Policy).
  2. A Current Clearance Letter from the Worker’s Compensation Board.
  3. WCB Employer Premium Rate Statements for the two most recent years along with the corresponding industry rate.
  4. A Certification of Liability Insurance (reflecting compliance with no less than $2,000,000.00 comprehensive general liability and $2,000,000.00 automobile liability insurance for each occurrence. Bristow Projects
  5. Inc must also be listed as additionally insured on the insurance document.
  6. Should you have a “Certificate or Recognition or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition signifying an audited & approved Safety Program, a copy is requested.
  7. A copy of your company’s safety statistics (i.e. Man hours worked, fatalities, lost time injuries & medical aid injuries) for the last 3 years.

Bristow Projects Inc looks forward to the receipt of your fully executed Subcontractor Pre-Qualification package and having your company available to perform work as part of our team.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dennis Antonation at 403-227-6488 or

Ron Bristow
Bristow Projects Inc