Bristow Projects Inc. is committed to the safety and protection of the employees, the public and the environment. We have experience and success working with Alberta Environment on private land, completing construction projects through environmentally sensitive areas and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development on reclamation of public land. We have an abandonment, decommissioning and pipeline integrity management process in place for you. Our team decommissions batteries, tank farms, gathering systems, water injection plants, satellites, well sites, compressors and gas plants.


Bristow Projects Inc. offers the following:

·         Environmental cleanups

·         Reclamation and Abandonment

·         Facility decommissioning

·         Pipeline removals, abandonments, discontinuations, and reclamation

·         Lease site construction

·         Pipeline modifications

·         Administering site safety

·         Production optimization

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Tel. (403)227-6488

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