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Bristow Projects Inc Programs


Bristow Projects maintains a high standard of integrity in its Quality Control/Quality Assurance program. It includes manuals, exhibits, forms, procedures and accompanying training for the designated company representatives. It is designed to meet all client and government requirements in Western Canada.

Quality control manuals are registered and accepted by the provincial authorities of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. They are the “legal documents” which act as a license to construct pressure piping to ASME B31.3 and CSA B51 codes for projects (in whole or in part) under the jurisdiction of the provincial authorities of these provinces. The QC manual is applicable to both “Pipeline” and “Facility” construction, ensuring a superior finished product. The manual outlines the procedures to be used by BPI to construct, repair or alter pressure piping and oil and gas transmission pipelines in the Western Canada.
Completed Quality Control documents will be supplied to our clients in a digital format.


The QA/QC program will provide clients with an idea of Bristow’s capabilities and understanding of the industry. All construction is performed in accordance with the current applicable codes and standards, including: ASME B31.3, CSA B51, CSA Z662, and CWB Structural Steel Fabrication Certification.

BPI’s Quality Control Manual is certified with the following provincial bodies:


  • Alberta: AQP-21432

  • British Columbia: License No: LBP0046610

  • Saskatchewan: QCP-0191-0002

  • Manitoba: M.B. 12-82



Bristow Projects is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees, subcontractors, clients and visitors. Safety is the responsibility of every Bristow Projects employee. It will continue to improve by furthering safety program education, specific training, personal protective equipment, and compliance with all company and governing agency safety rules. Our continued safety culture is paramount to ensuring the safe return home for all personnel every day.


Bristow Projects has an established safety program certified by both the Alberta (ACSA) and Saskatchewan (SCSA) Construction Safety Association. We believe that every employee is entitled to a healthy and safe workplace while ensuring the protection of the environment. BPI is committed to the safety of their employees, their families, their customers and the general public.


We believe that injury/accident costs are reduced through proper education, training and communication through all employees regardless of position or experience. All supervisory personnel are required to take the ACSA Leadership for Safety Excellence training. BPI has also developed a number of competency based training modules with the goal being skill and knowledge-base measurement of all employees in those roles.

Alberta COR Certificate #: 20150918-3254

Saskatchewan COR Certificate #: 00490


Bristow Projects In House Training (includes but is not limited to)
  • Company Orientation

  • Enform EGSO (Electronic General Safety Orientation)

  • TDG

  • 2015 WHMIS

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Driver Awareness Training


  • Hazard Awareness Training

  • Inspection Training

  • Incident Investigation Training (S.C.A.T)

  • Picker Operator Training

  • Power Line Awareness Training


Mandatory Requirements


  • Bristow Projects Orientation

  • Enform EGSO (Electronic General Safety Orientation)

  • TDG

  • 2015 WHMIS

  • H2S Alive


  • First Aid

  • Ground Disturbance (if applicable)

  • Trade Certificates (Welder, Fitter, etc.)

  • Site Specific Orientation


BPI Competency Training Modules


  • Supervisors

  • Laborers

  • 5500 Picker Truck

  • Dozer

  • Service Truck

  • Sideboom

  • Track Hoe

  • Fibreglass Pipe


BPI Programs

Bristow Management Systems

Bristow Projects Management System is a project reporting system consisting of integrated tools generated from both field operations and management. It uses both field and corporate generated reports to create a unique communication system. Project information from the office can help generate detailed job plans, while daily field reports give real time evaluation of field costs (including approved 3rd party costs), time lines and equipment/manpower details for the day.


The information from the daily field reports includes all meetings (tailgate, hazard assessment cards and site specific meetings), reflecting BPI’s commitment to safety. The foreman’s report and schedule control provides details on projected costs, activities and any variances compared to the plan. This allows the client to have complete transparency on projects in regards to costs and schedule changes.


It is our most effective means of communicating with our client on the progress of their projects. It also allows us to maximize manpower and utilize equipment company wide.


Fleet Management

Our goal for all service vehicles and equipment is to meet or exceed the National Safety Codes and Standards. With this in mind, BPI has a fleet management system implemented company wide that has been developed around both GPS tracking of all equipment and daily reporting on all wheeled and tracked equipment. We also ensure to adhere to our formal maintenance schedule to meet all legislative, company and manufacturer requirements. Service records for all units are maintained and equipment utilization is tracked daily.


All provincial and federal certification requirements are tracked and maintain to ensure due diligence requirements are met and all of BPI’s equipment is adequately prepared.



Bristow Projects Inc. is committed to the safety and protection of the employees, the public and the environment. BPI diligently complies with environmental protection plans for all vulnerable ecological areas. We have experience and success working with Alberta Environment on private land, completing construction projects through environmentally sensitive areas and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development on reclamation of public land.


Some of the projects that may be undertaken by BPI include:

  • Environmental cleanups

  • Pipeline removals and reclamation

  • Flare pit remediation

  • Lease site construction

  • Reclamation and abandonment

  • Liner installation and removal

  • Facility decommissioning

BPI Programs

Indigenous Relations Commitment

Bristow Projects Inc. is committed to the building and sustaining of mutually beneficial relationships with the Indigenous people in our area of operation. Our Indigenous Relations Commitment was developed to provide employees, the Indigenous community, contractors and business leaders with an understanding of our commitment to Indigenous relations and our strategy for delivering on this commitment.

We recognize and understand that these relationships will work to the advantage of all stakeholders and is based on mutual respect and cooperation between all involved by ensuring strong two-way communication. We developed our Indigenous Relations Commitment, and train employees, with the same level of commitment we apply to all other business activities.

BPI takes great pride in our reputation as highly principled business operators and contributors to Indigenous communities. In pursuing our commitment, we will be guided by the following principles:

  • Respect the unique culture and history of the Indigenous people and their spiritual attachments to the land on which we operate.

  • Encourage Indigenous students to graduate high school and continue onto post-secondary education. While showing an understanding of their aspirations, we will support the development of specified training programs that will enable these students to meet BPI’s employment requirements.

  • Ensuring equal access to employment, competency based training and/or apprenticeship opportunities with BPI. We will also encourage these opportunities for Indigenous people to work as, or for the suppliers and contractors. BPI values the diversity that they bring to our company as employees, contractors and consultants.

  • Strive to join forces with contractors and other companies that share our principles and commitments, goals and strategic focus, encouraging them to meet or exceed them through policies and practices of their own.

  • Create and maintain a positive work environment for Indigenous employees, operating in a consultative and consistent manner through all stages of development.

  • Provide BPI’s management and employees with an understanding of the cultural diversity of Indigenous people through our competency based training modules.

  • Provide involvement in Indigenous community activities and programs that reflect our overall vision.

  • Create business opportunities to utilize local Indigenous contractor’s capabilities and continue these relationships with respect and trust.

Indigenous Relations Commitment
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