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Bristow Projects is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment through the active participation and support company Sub-Contractor Management Program. As part of our
commitment to this program, we must pre approve those who may be providing Bristow Projects with contracted services. As part of the pre-qualification process, we require that you provide us with a copy of the requested documentation and completed the questionnaire.


  • The table of contents of your current HSE Manual

  • A WCB clearance letter

  •  A certificate of liability insurance and auto insurance (containing a minimum of 2,000,000.00 general liability)

  •  A SECOR or COR certificate (if applicable)

  •  Company Safety Statistics for the past two years

  •  ISNetworld and/or ComplyWorks account verification

Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualifier Questionnaire
Does your company have a written health and safety program?
Are senior management, supervisors and employees aware of the HSE manual contents?
Do the managers, supervisors and employees comply with the provincial OHS and WCB regulations applicable to your companies work activities?
Do management and supervisors conduct formal site inspections?
Has your company developed a preventative maintenance program for equipment and vehicles?
Does your company have a process for reporting incidents, accidents and near misses including injuries, equipment/property damage, spills/releases, fire/explosion, near misses?
Does your company conduct audits of the health and safety program to ensure its effectiveness?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

Does your company have a recognized safety program that has received a SECOR or COR?
Has your company developed safe work practices and safe job procedures for the tasks performed?
Does your company ensure that management, supervisors and employees understand their specific health and safety responsibilities?
Does your company have a policy that outlines responsibilities and frequency for formal site inspections?
Does your company have a formal hazard assessment program that identifies tasks, hazards and corrective action and prioritizes risk?
Are follow-up reviews of all reported incidents performed on the senior management level?
Does your company perform a pre-job hazard assessment and safety meetings that are documented and include all project personnel?
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